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Migraine Log: 1040AM, Scale 7, 2/15/12

Migraine today was after I got off the bus to go to work. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it was a 7. It was not an intense migraine but it took away about an hour of my day. I felt nausea but I was able to control it without vomiting. The nausea today was strong for some reason.

I did not have breakfast today, I woke up and went to work. I drank a coffee, which was stronger than the coffee I have everyday. I did not experience the pain immediately. The pain started very slowly, I was confident for the most part that I could keep the pain to a 3-4 level and then to 0.

The pain started slowly, I had a banana, drank lots of warm water and ate cereal for breakfast during the migraine aura in an attempt to control it. It was too late already, I went into the break room and waited there for it to go away, I left the light on in the break room, it was a fluorescent light (I am usually very sensitive to light during the aura and the migraine) but it did not bother me for some reason in the beginning this time.

I kept telling myself that I could control it (this didn’t do anything at all, which further proves my point that telling yourself things doesn’t do anything, migraines are not mental). Eventually it crept it to a full scale 7. There was a severe pounding on my head, I became thirsty, I immediately turned off the light and sat on a couch drinking warm water. My facial muscles were tender, I touched near my eyes (which felt like it was being yanked out hard from the back) and I had physical pain on my face. 

I avoided the tapping and massage on my face until this point but then I could no longer take it. I went to the restroom to look at myself in the mirror, my eyes seemed dark, I had a tough time understanding the image in the mirror and I looked very very tired (I slept 8 hrs the night before).

I started tapping first with one hand, then both hands and random point lightly on the left side of my skull lightly pressing my head and upper eye brow area. It took about 25 mins of this and the pain slowly started to deteriorate. Once the “grip” of the migraine was gone, I took an extra 10 mins of rest to make sure the pounding wouldn’t come back. I drank the rest of my hot water and it has not returned the whole day even after staring at a computer screen. It went away fully down to a 0, with an occasional 1 during the day but back to 0 in seconds.

I did not take any pain killers today, I was able to cope with it fully. I kept breathing throughout the process, I believe the immediate intake of breakfast helped keep it at a 7. The tapping exercise definitely helped get rid of it. I do remember feeling very cold throughout the night before because my heater broke. I woke up without an alarm, I did not see a glowing screen right after waking up.

I’m posting this late at night, which means it did not reoccur throughout the day.

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My First Migraine

This is to give an introduction to how migraines first started for me. The first migraine I can remember happened in 10th grade. At this point in time, I was not aware of “migraines” and how they would impact the next couple of years of my life.

I was sitting in Math class and while we were given time between teaching to do problems. It occurred roughly around the same time daily between 10-1040 AM.

The pain was not similar to what I am experiencing now, it was different. There was a pounding on my head but it was not as severe and I had not experienced it sometimes for many days.

I was convinced that it was because I had gelled my hair when it was wet, before letting it dry, and I had tried not gelling it and letting it dry fully but it had not made a difference. I also remember that I was very hungry and did not get hydrated enough during this time, I was so hungry that my stomach growled multiple times in the class room. That is all I can remember.  I remember a pounding feeling on my head, it was intermittent and it was only on 1 side, the left side.

As quickly as I had got them, they were gone in approximately 20 mins and after a few days, they stopped coming all together. Then they disappeared for a few years.

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