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My First Migraine

This is to give an introduction to how migraines first started for me. The first migraine I can remember happened in 10th grade. At this point in time, I was not aware of “migraines” and how they would impact the next couple of years of my life.

I was sitting in Math class and while we were given time between teaching to do problems. It occurred roughly around the same time daily between 10-1040 AM.

The pain was not similar to what I am experiencing now, it was different. There was a pounding on my head but it was not as severe and I had not experienced it sometimes for many days.

I was convinced that it was because I had gelled my hair when it was wet, before letting it dry, and I had tried not gelling it and letting it dry fully but it had not made a difference. I also remember that I was very hungry and did not get hydrated enough during this time, I was so hungry that my stomach growled multiple times in the class room. That is all I can remember.  I remember a pounding feeling on my head, it was intermittent and it was only on 1 side, the left side.

As quickly as I had got them, they were gone in approximately 20 mins and after a few days, they stopped coming all together. Then they disappeared for a few years.

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